Equality Objectives Consultation

Closed 2 Feb 2024

Opened 13 Dec 2023

Feedback updated 14 May 2024

We asked

We asked for your views on the council’s draft equality objectives. We asked if respondents agreed with each of the proposed objectives, to rank each objective in order of priority, if anything was missing from the objectives, and for any further comments relating to the objectives.

You said

40 people responded to the consultation. 67.5% of respondents were residents, 72.5% regularly worked in Slough, and 50% worked for Slough Borough Council.

There was strong support for the three objectives focused on residents, with 80-90% strongly agreeing or agreeing with the objectives. There was less support for the two objectives focused on the council’s workforce, with 65-72.5% strongly agreeing or agreeing. The three resident-focused objectives were ranked as the most important, with the two focused on children and young people being ranked as the two most important. There was a variety of additional comments from respondents, particularly on community safety and risks to women being missing from the objectives, the correlation between housing and health inequality, and the potential to combine the two children and young people focused objectives into one objective.

An analysis of the consultation responses was presented to Cabinet on 15 April 2024 and can be read on the council’s website.

We did

Changes were made to the objectives following feedback from the public consultation, stakeholders, additional data, and the LGA Equality Framework. Key changes relating to the consultation responses included combining the two objectives focused on children and young people into one objective, the addition of a new objective focused on community safety (particularly in relation to women and girls), and the specific mention of housing in relation to health inequalities. The objectives focused on the council’s workforce were also rewritten to reflect the LGA Equality Framework. The updated objectives and more detail on the changes can be read in the cabinet report.

Cabinet approved the updated objectives on 15 April 2024. Further information and reports on equalities can be found on the equality and diversity page on the council’s website.


Slough Borough Council is consulting on its equality objectives – a key part of our public sector equality duties under the Equality Act, 2010. 

The objectives set out what we aim to achieve over the next 4 years to: 

  • Reduce inequalities for Slough residents and service users 

  • Reduce inequalities and promote diversity and inclusion for our workforce 

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Data Protection Statement

This consultation questionnaire and the information we collect will be used for the purposes of evidence-based decision making on Slough Borough Council’s future focus, approach and priorities. We are committed to the principles of the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK General Data Protection Regulations and by continuing to complete this consultation questionnaire you are consenting to us processing this data. 

This will be used to make decisions in a public forum and the results will be published online and anonymous data may be accessed by third parties to validate the results of the consultation.  

We will only retain the data collected for as long as is necessary and, after the period determined by our Data Protection Officer, this data will be destroyed in accordance with our IT and Information Security Procedures.  

Please refer to our data privacy notice at https://www.slough.gov.uk/data-protection-foi/privacy-notices for further details on how we protect your privacy.  

If you have any concerns or questions about how we look after your personal information, please email DataProtectionOfficer@slough.gov.uk

Why your views matter

We are seeking your views on the proposed equality objectives. We would like you to tell us: 

  • If you agree with the 5 equality objectives we have identified 

  • If you have any further comments we should consider regarding the proposed objectives 

You can also email any additional comments to equalities@slough.gov.uk  

What happens next

This consultation is now closed.

The outcome of the consultation will be presented alongside the final version of the objectives when this is brought to Cabinet and Full Council in 2024.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Equalities