Proposed Vale Grove & Winvale Residential Permit Parking Scheme

Closed 28 Jul 2021

Opened 7 Jul 2021


We consult residents, commuters, businesses and stakeholders to understand what people think about proposed developments, changes to our roads and pavements, or other traffic-related issues.

Why your views matter

Following a petition that had been received from local residents due to the increased difficulties in finding a parking space, we are proposing a residents permit scheme in order to protect local roads from obstructive parking, decrease congestion and to prioritise parking spaces for local residents. We propose to extend the existing residents parking Zone N (Arborfield Close) to also include your road.

Due to limited kerb capacity, we can only allow one permit per household. However, this will be monitored and reviewed at least 6 months after the scheme has been operational. 

Residents’ Parking Schemes helps reduce congestion, allows resident an increased opportunity to park in their roads.  By reducing parking pressure in residential roads the street scene is improved and can make streets safer and more accessible for all road users. Reduce pollution and encourage the use of sustainable transport such as cycling, walking and public transport for local journeys.  

The following roads are included in the consultation:       

  • Vale Grove
  • Winvale including housing estate land

What does this mean for residents of Vale Grove and Winvale?

In line with our aims to prioritise parking for local residents, encourage sustainable travel and discourage private car use, it is proposed that parking controls will apply At All Times (Monday to Sunday 24/7). During this time, you will need a parking permit in order to park on Vale Grove and Winvale including housing estate car parks on Winvale.

 More information on how parking schemes operate is given in the Frequently Asked Questions page

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Vale Grove & Winvale Plan

Have your say

We would like to know your views on having a Resident Parking Scheme in your road, and if you are in favour of the days and times proposed - At All Times (Monday to Sunday 24/7). Please note this is an informal consultation , however the more responses we receive will assist the Council on next formal stage if required. 

The informal consultation period will last for 21 days from the date of this letter. The online survey or questionnaire should be submitted by no later than 5pm on 28/07/21. Any further comments will be analysed as part of the survey responses. 

What happens next

Should the responses be in favour of this scheme, your road will be included as an extension of the existing Parking Zone N. and a formal consultation will commence. 

The current cost of a Resident Parking Permit is £45 per year. (For further information on other permits please see overleaf).  However please note purchasing a residents permit does not guarantee you parking on the public highway and under no circumstances will a refund be issued.

Council Officers will analyse and discuss the outcome of the consultation with your ward Councillors.  We will update residents and businesses of the outcome and next steps with the results of the consultation published on the Council’s website.


  • Anyone from any background


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