Salt Hill Way Parking & White Close Consultation

Closed 10 Mar 2023

Opened 24 Feb 2023


As you are aware we previously introduce a Controlled Parking Zone, (CPZ), to Salt Hill Way and White Close. Waiting and loading restrictions were introduced at junctions and other strategic locations to improve safety. Resident permit bays were also introduced to organise and regulate vehicular parking. The resident permit bays operated from Monday to Sunday at all times, with an option of 1-hour free parking and no return period of 2 hours.

The CPZ was introduced through an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order, (ETRO), on 23rd August 2021.  This order was in force for 18 months of which the first 6 months consists of the consultation period, during this period comments and representations were accepted up until 23rd February 2022. The ETRO expired on 12th November 2022, at which point the resident permit element to this scheme ceased to be enforced. The remaining restrictions, (disabled parking bays and double yellow lines), have been enforced as normal.

The Council received petitions and representations from residents which have been analysed and taken into consideration. In response to the comments and petitions received, we are informally re-consulting residents on the hours of operation of the resident bays, with a view to re-instate enforcement of the CPZ. The aim of this exercise is to give residents the options available for hours of enforcement of resident bays. The Council understands that there are several other options available, however, we feel the hours offered in the questionnaire, are the most suitable for the issues pertaining to this area. The hours of operation should reflect the times that residents have the most difficulty parking. Removing non- residential parking will prioritise kerb space for people who live in the area.

Why your views matter

Your views are important to us and will assist us in ensuring the right scheme is implemented and therefore we ask that you complete a questionnaire to have your say regarding the parking in your street.

What happens next

Now that the consulation has ended, we are analysing and discussing the outcome of the consultation with your Ward Councillors. Once a collective decision has been made on our next steps, we will ensure all residents and business owners are notified. 


  • Anyone from any background


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