Slough E-scooter Rental Trial Scheme

Closes 7 Oct 2022

Opened 8 Apr 2022


We consult residents, commuters, businesses and stakeholders to understand what people think about proposed developments, changes to our roads and pavements, or other traffic-related issues.

Why your views matter

What is the Slough e-scooter rental trial scheme?

In 2020 the Government invited Local Authorities to run trial e-scooter rental schemes. These trial schemes, operated to a high standard, gather data to help the Government to understand the impacts and benefits of e-scooters, and to inform the future legal status of, and associated regulations for, e-scooters.

We introduced the Slough e-scooter rental trial scheme in October 2020, commissioning Neuron Mobility to operate 300 dockless e-scooters.

The Neuron Mobility e-scooters are coloured orange, have a maximum speed of 15mph, and can be used by registered scheme members over 18 years old with a driving licence.

The e-scooters can be used on the road, and in cycle and bus lanes, but are not permitted on pavements, playing fields and parks. There are also restrictions on speed and where they can be parked. Whilst operating the e-scooters, riders are advised to wear the helmet provided or their own helmet.

To enable the scheme to operate on the public highway during the trial period, in October 2020 we made an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO), and the Department for Transport (DfT) granted a Vehicle Special Order (VSO).

For more information on the Slough e-scooter rental trial scheme, see our website.

What is an e-scooter?

An e-scooter (electric scooter) is described by the Government in this way: “An e-scooter looks like a normal push scooter, but it is powered using an electric motor and battery. E-scooters generally run between 9-15mph, but some models can reach speeds of 40mph and higher.

"They are also known as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) or micro-mobility vehicles. Other types of micro-mobility vehicles include electric bikes, electric skateboards and segways.”

Privately owned e-scooters are currently illegal to use on public roads and footways, and may only be used on private land.

For more information on the Government's work on e-scooters see:

What happens next?

The government recently extended the trial schemes to 30 November 2022, so our scheme will be continuing until that date as part of the government initiative. The extension will allow us to obtain further data to analyse the impact of the e-scooters, and to determine whether they can be an alternative mode of transport for the Borough.

Due to changes to the end date of the trial, we changed the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) to a Permanent Traffic Regulation Order (PTRO), effective from 8 April 2022, and have been granted a revised Vehicle Special Order (VSO) from the Department for Transport (DfT).

After the trial period, the Government will decide whether or not to continue the use of e-scooters on the public highway permanently by legalising them.

If e-scooter use is made legal by government, we will present our findings and recommendations to Council Members to make a decision to retain or remove the scheme from Slough’s roads. If e-scooters are no longer to operate in Slough, we will revoke the Permanent Traffic Regulation Order.

Why are we consulting?

To help us and the Government to understand the impacts and benefits of e-scooters we want to hear from you.

We want to get a better understanding of residents' views on rental e-scooters, as well as the benefits people experience when they use them. This information will help us and the Government make the right decisions throughout the trial and beyond.

Further information

If you would like further information to enable you to respond to the survey, or a copy of this survey information in another format or language, please:

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How to respond

Please, if possible, give your views using the Online Survey form below:

If you are unable to use the online survey, please instead give your views:

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Please respond by 23:59 on Friday 7 October 2022.

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