Simplified Planning Zone 2024-2034 Deposit Consultation

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Closes 19 Aug 2024

SPZ Deposit Written Scheme

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This version of the document represents the work undertaken on the SPZ by SEGRO including having addressed the feedback from the Informal Deposit Stage consultation undertaken by SEGRO between November 2023 – April 2024. It includes the Conditions the Scheme has, and uses the information in the Design Code (Appendix 1), other Appencies and Plans.

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SEGRO and Slough Borough Council (the ‘Local Planning Authority’) will consider any representations made by the consultees as part of this consultation before determining the content of the proposals in accordance with The Town and Country Planning (Simplified Planning Zones) Regulations 1992, Regulation 3

The SPZ Scheme document comprises the Written Statements (Parts 1 – 4) as well as the Appendices and Plans listed in the Contents Page. The SPZ Scheme should be read as a whole.

Part 2 of the Written Statement sets out details of the SPZ Scheme including its boundary, the Sub-Zones identified within it and the Design Code which applies to new development brought forward through the it. In Part 3 of the Written Statement, the details of the proposed SPZ Scheme are set out including the description of development. Only those uses indicated are permissible and these are subject to the various conditions described. The developer will have regard to these Informatives when considering new development at the Trading Estate. Part 4 of the Written Statement provides further information on the operation of the SPZ and outlines a range of requirements and guidance from statutory undertakers and other agencies with respect to development in the SPZ.

If a type of development is proposed which does not fall within the SPZ permission, or does not fully comply with the applicable conditions, planning permission will have to be applied for in the normal way. Under these circumstances, such applications will be considered on their merits and if permission is granted it will be subject to separate conditions and Section 106 Agreement planning obligations.

It is important to note that the restrictions imposed under the SPZ Scheme only relate to development implemented as a result of the scheme following its adoption. The SPZ only grants planning permission; all other legislative controls will remain and must be complied with.

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