Chalvey Residents Parking Scheme Zone L

Closed 10 Sep 2021

Opened 20 Aug 2021


We have conducted a number of consultations over the past few years to introduce a residents’ permit scheme to several locations in Chalvey, however due to a number of issues we have been unable to progress with this successfully.

A number of amendments have been requested during the previous consultations which include:

  • A request for 2 residents permits per household.
  • A review of the existing residents permit scheme on The Crescent to see if this can be included in the new proposals.
  • A request to introduce this scheme as one large zone instead of individual ones.
  • One hour free parking to assist visitors and customers visiting the local businesses.

We have taken into consideration all the feedback we have received to date and have designed a residents permit scheme based on this. Whilst we understand that a number of consultations have already taken place, we would appreciate your feedback on the new proposal and I would like to inform you that we are conducting this consultation for the following reasons

  • We are proposing this scheme under a permanent Traffic Regulation Order and part of the legal process includes a 21 day statutory consultation period. We cannot bypass this.
  • We are now proposing to include all the roads in Zone L in this scheme (The Crescent, Hilperton Road and Burlington Avenue), however as Hilperton Road and Burlington Avenue have not been part of this process previously, we need to give these residents an opportunity to provide us with their comments.
  • The last informal consultation took place 11 months ago, in September 2020.

Why your views matter

We are proposing the same restriction that is currently in place on The Crescent, Hilperton Road and Burlington Avenue. A residents permit scheme that applies Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm with an option of 1 hour free parking and a no return period within 1 hour. At all other times and Sundays, only permit holders and their visitors can park in this zone.

 This zone will be titled Zone L and we are proposing this to include the following locations:

 The Crescent, Hilperton Road, Burlington Avenue, Chalvey Road East, College Avenue, Martin Road, Ragstone Road, Kings Road and 160-196 Windsor Road.

 We are aware that a number of the above locations have an existing residents permit scheme in place, however these have all been reviewed and we are proposing to extend these to include other locations so we can maximise the kerb capacity available to residents and their visitors.

What happens next

We would like your views on the proposal. The formal consultation period will last for 21 days from the date of this letter.  Whilst your comments are welcome, due to the extent of the consultation, I regret that I cannot enter into correspondence with individual residents.

Once the consultation period has ended, we will analyse and discuss the outcome of the consultation with your ward councilors. Once a collective decision has been made on our next steps, we will ensure all residents and business owners are notified. 


  • Anyone from any background


  • Local Transport Plan